Happy new year and looking back at 2017

fondateur vrac sur roueswritten by Simon Gosselin-Barbeau – Vrac sur roues founder

Happy new year!

2017 is done. Have you started your 2018 with resolutions? I hope they are doing well. It is said that it take one month to adapt to a change. As much with fitness as a new thought as the zero waste for example. No matter whats your resolutions, courage do not let go after month. To bring a positive change to its life is a so good feeling of satisfaction, of fulfillment and pride. Because you, you took your life in hand and made more than idle words a little warmed during the new year. Although it was not the new year, this brings me in the day on which I decided to create » Vrac sur roues «, when I decided to become an entrepreneur and to work hardly to push my company, to sacrifice my spare time and to take a turning point in my life.

The beginning.

Of job, i am a carpenter. I worked during approximately 2 years. The particular thing about it is from my very first workday, I realized that I did not want to do this job to make a living. I found that I had more potential than to be say what to do permanently and to be treated as a tool rather than a human being with the capacity to think. Oh well. The construction is a sector not very stable for jobs thus I found myself unemployed for a moment. To fill this spare time, I followed an A.S.P in launch of company which led to the creation of » Vrac sur roues «. At the end of the program, it was decided that I will be really going to launch my company. During my summer, I set all the time that I had. Weeks and weeks ends. I did not go out any more, I stayed home to work to the point that my friends thought i was going crazy. I was working on how I was going to make my deliveries, the initial products, I spoke to people to be deliverers. All that I had in mind was » Vrac sur roues «. Until August when the Web site is ended.

The launch of «Vrac sur roues» in august

I had created my Facebook page 2 months before. I had collected approximately 110 likes on the page. Thus in August when the site was ready and operational, I announced the opening. It was the moment when I was the most anxious of all my life. How people were going to react? Are they going to have a real interest? Where thy going to see the post? Finally, the whole thing passed well. I had very good reactions. People adored the site, others who fell on problems told me so that I can fix them while telling me that the site was magnificent. It was made, I had announced the opening. I was able to begin to calm down.

After the annoucement of the openning

As I said, I had 110 likes. My expectations were that at least 20 people were going to order it was unfortunately not the case. Not a single order. I had to tell my deliverers that I had enough order to hire them, that I would contact again them possibly. I had continued to keep my Facebook page activate. I posted every week, I had some interactions. But always no sale. After several weeks, I found it a little bit hard. I hadn’t reached my expectations at all. The only orders that I had were from my parents. It was a good moral support. I was a bit of rotation in my products and they encouraged me. But that did not hide the fact that I had no real sale. Which became more and more heavy on me. I did not give up. I kept posting, adding products other type of products. liquid ones, detergent, cleaning products, etc. Once again I believed to have sales because I did not have a rather big variety to be worth the delivery. Unfortunately, no change … no order.

Montreal zero wasted festival.

A golden opportunity appeared, Montreal zero waste festival. I could not have a better opportunity to get in touch with my targeted clientele. The festival was the first project of scale of the Association québécoise zero déchet . Nobody knew how many people there would be, if it would be a failure or a success. I took the risk. I invested a good sum there to have my stand there. The whole thing took place on October 14-15th, 2017 in marché Bonsecours in the Montreal old port. From the very first hour, A crowd of people came in! During the festival I almost did not have the time to eat. I spoke to so many people who were quite impressed by my idea and especially that I manage the company by my own. I received so many good comments and met really interesting people. A magnificent experience which I am not going to forget it is certain.

After the festival

The festival was a success full of interested people, so many given business card. That could only mean the beginning of » Vrac sur roues «. I had good expectations, several orders or at least a light movement. People looked totally convinced. Weeks passed, no movement. A blow rather hard. I had joined my target customer without result. For a moment I was demoralized enough. I was sure it was what i needed to start «Vrac sur roues». Despite my low morale, I continued, I did not abandon. After 2 months an order arrived and then an other one the week later and the week later. Finally my perseverance paid, » Vrac sur roues» began to have activity’s. I hope to have more and more in 2018.

Thus here is my and » Vrac sur roues » story in 2017. Things can seem hard but you should not give up. The good things take time, you should not think that you reach your goals in a few weeks. The perseverance pays and makes ourself extremely proud when we look of the back, when in despite of the obstacles you knew how to pass over and continue. Giving up leads to nothing. It is what I am going to do in 2018. I am going to continue and not to abandon my dream of » Vrac sur roues «!

Even if times are hard, you should not stop, nothing arrives effortlessly and without investment.

Happy new year 2018!

-Simon Gosselin-Barbeau, fonder and only employee of vrac sur roues.