Vrac sur roues has 2 division

Zero waste online grocery store

Buy dry and liquid goods such as pasta and shampoo. You pay for the weight! After your order is delived by bike to your door and pour in your containers.

bike delivery

Vrac sur Roues also offers to deliver by bike several things, whether light, heavy, small or large. Just ask and we’ll see what’s possible!
Area available for bike deliveries
You can also pick up your product by choosing ‘ local collect ‘ as the delivery method of delivery during the check out. PLEASE add a note during the check out or to contact me previously by e-mail to set a rendez-vous. products will win in variety according to your tastes and needs. At the moment, the activities of Vrac on Wheels are in the sector of Montreal and the south-shore unless exceptions.
Our bikes deliveries (5$ plus tips, free for 70$ and more)
How do we work?
All our deliveries are made by bike. The products are transported individually in suitable containers and bags. Arrived on site, all types of products are pour in your containers. Otherwise you can buy ours to exchange with the empty ones at the next order. We leave with the empty containers that will be washed and reused for another order.
You decide the day as well as the time of delivery. For days, you can choose from: Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. For the moment, you have the choice among 2 periods: morning between 9h and 12h, and evening between 17h and 20h. You can also add a note for details about the chosen delivery period.

Take note that we will arrive among the hours of the periods or later. Since deliveries are by bike and many at a time there may be delays. We apologize in advance.

Since a delivery person may have several other orders after yours, it would be appreciated if you have your containers close to your door. If not, if you want him to poor your products for you, let it know in the notes of deliveries and identify appropriately in which container you want a food.
A bit more about Vrac sur roues.
our mission
The goal of Vrac sur roues is to make the purchases of bulk grocery zero waste food simpler and faster without compromise. We avoid you to move to bulk groceries that may be missing nearby, have to drag your containers, fill them and weigh them individually. With our bike home delivery, no fuel will be used and you will not need to make further stops while shopping for products that would be missing in bulk.
The zero waste bulk without the disadvantages.
our story
The company started from a vague idea of an ecological business which was hanging in my head for a while.

At this moment, I was not lacking time free. Then, I decided to follow an A.S.P. (Attestation de spécialisation professionel), in company lunching to help me clear up my project and to put it to terme.

During my classes, I went to networkings which are a set of activities aiming at multiplying the professional contacts. During these, I spoke to some people of the zero wasted mouvement. They answered me that they found it interesting, but that it would cause a second travel for their grocery’s shopping because there are inevitably not all the products looked for in zero waste grocery’s store.

It is at this moment That I had the idea to remedy this problem by delivering zero waste grocery. For the delivery, well I did not want to replace waste by the greenhouse gas then the most green method of which I thought is the bike. That means less wear of multiple pieces , especially if we compare with the car and even the electric with their batteries.

Who am i?

My name is Simon Gosselin-Barbeau (the picture is me). I am 21 years old and I am concerned about the environment since very young. I was even a little zero waste without knowing the movement by refusing to eat stuff in non-recyclable packaging.

In August 2017, I founded Vrac sur roues. Since the beginning I am alone in my company. I manage and do everything, website management, social networks, order preparation, delivery, etc. I trust everything with my job as a carpenter, no subsidy or loan. I’m really passionate and I believe deeply in my company so I put what it takes to run Vrac sur roues.

I wrote a blog about my experience with Vrac sur roues from the very beginning if you are interested Personal blog

zero waste online grocery store

no waste, no co2, no waste of time.

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